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Photography is a passion or just a pleasant way to spend time for many people - for some, though, it is also a source of income and the main pillar of their professional activity. In any case, however, it is a demanding occupation, which is not possible to do without investment in appropriate knowledge, equipment and accessories. The most important role is of course played by the camera body and a good quality lens, but properly selected photography accessories can also be an invaluable help in the work of every photographer. Genesis Gear is a brand that, as a priority of its activity, has chosen to offer high quality accessories for photographers of all skill levels.

Genesis Gear is best known for its range of solid photographic tripods from the Base series, which owe their reputation to their stable, reliable construction and careful workmanship. Tripod legs can be purchased separately - it is a perfect solution for those who already have their own equipment and would like to replace a part of it. We offer universal tripods only, which can be used with any brand of camera. Spare parts for Genesis Base tripods available in our offer will allow you to adjust the tripods to your own specific needs or to replace the missing elements in case of their loss. The tripods available in our offer will be perfect for the studio, where the simplicity and convenience of use translate directly into working time, as well as in the open air, for example while taking landscape or macro photos. Thanks to the independent adjustment of the angle and length of each leg, they provide a solid support for the camera, regardless of the surface on which they are set up.

A special type of camera support is a monopod, the construction of which is based on a single, telescopic leg. This type of image stabilization is especially popular among sports photographers, as it makes it much easier to operate long-focus lenses and thus obtain sharp, blur-free images taken from a distance. However, both monopods and tripods require attaching a photographic head in order to work with them efficiently and ergonomically. In our offer you can find precise ball heads, which allow you to freely operate the camera angle setting and quick locking with a single knob. For photographers and filmmakers using Arca Swiss standard tripods, we offer compatible quick-release plates. These accessories are available in many different sizes. In addition to photographic heads, they are also used with base plates - accessories of this type are particularly useful for macro photographers who need precise movements in order to achieve perfectly composed images.

At Genesis Gear, we primarily offer high-quality, rugged camera accessories. Among them, you can find L-Brackets, which allow you to quickly change the orientation of your camera from portrait to landscape. Thanks to that, even pictures taken from a tripod will have a certain variety. We offer both universal solutions, which can be used with many different cameras, and dedicated ones, designed for such models as Fujifilm X-T1, Sony a7 or Canon 5D. Precise camera levelers, that can be mounted on the hotshoe, which will help you to set the frame with the highest accuracy. They will provide a straight horizon in landscape photography and will successfully replace missing or broken tripod levels.

Panoramic pictures, in spite of appearances, are not the easiest to take. Taking them using just a tripod is possible, but it is connected with interference of the phenomenon known as parallax - individual frames which would be assembled into one, whole photo, do not interlock, causing lack of smooth transitions between them in effect. To avoid the challenges thrown at us by the laws of optics, we should equip ourselves with a proper panoramic head. It will enable you to set up your camera on a tripod in such a way that the components of the panorama shot with it will seamlessly blend together.

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better each year, so it's no wonder that mobile photography is one of the fastest growing fields. As a rule, taking pictures with a smartphone does not require any special equipment, but the practical accessories for the Genesis Gear phone will definitely help you to capture beautiful shots. Thanks to special holders, you can fix your smartphone on the tripod or in other, non-standard places - for example, to the pipe or the edge of the table. We also especially recommend compact LED lights - among them you can find waterproof lights for recording in the sea or ocean, and RGB lights, so you can throw some color into your photos on Instagram.

We offer solutions for every budget that can be used by any photographer, regardless of their level of initiation into photography. When you shop at Genesis Gear, you can be sure of the high quality of your new accessories.


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