Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill with diffuser
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill with diffuser
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill diffuser
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill hot shoe adapter
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill USB-C cable
  • Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill packaging

Pocket LED light Genesis Gear RGB Pill

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Compact, round LED light with natural and colored light. Built-in 20 effect modes make it the perfect addition to photos and videos on Instagram, Snapchat or Tik Tok. Thanks to the capacious battery, it can work continuously for up to 8 hours.

Genesis Gear RGB Pill is a small LED lamp with wide applications and extended possibilities.  It offers both natural light, with color temperature adjustment from 2500 (warm) to 9000 K (cold), as well as colorful light - you can choose its hue from as many as 360 different tones. With its help you can charmingly illuminate your photos and videos shared on social media. 

In addition to choosing any color of light, the lamp also offers the possibility of using up to 20 different effect modes:

police car ⬥ ambulance ⬥ fire truck ⬥ thunderstorm ⬥ fireworks ⬥ TV screen
candles⬥ party ⬥ broken bulb ⬥ pulsating ⬥ strobe ⬥ RGB strobe
paparazzi ⬥ emergency light ⬥ large/small beam
red, green and blue flash ⬥ HSI slow and fast

The brightness of the light can be smoothly adjusted from 0 - 100% in each of them.

Genesis Gear RGB Pill light has several mounting options. Strong magnet built into the rear part of the casing allows you to easily attach it to various metal surfaces, such as table legs, railings or table tops. It has a 1/4" female thread and a special cold shoe adapter, which allows for installation in many different places - for example, on tripods, monopods, all kinds of frames and cages or on the hot shoe of the camera.

Despite its compact size, the lamp has as much as 5 W of power. Its diameter is only 8 cm and it weights only 209 g. It is very handy and light, so that it fits even into your pocket. Its light intensity reaches 500 lx from a distance of 0,5 m and the angle of light beam spreading is 120 degrees.  The 2000 mAh battery provides 8 hours of continuous use at minimum brightness and 2 hours at maximum brightness. It also provides for a USB Type C port and a matching cable so you can charge it with a phone plug, computer or powerbank.

RGB Light – 360 colors to choose from
 Smooth brightness adjustment
 Built-in mounting magnet
 Up to 8 hours of operation
 20 special effect modes
 1/4” thread on the housing
 2500 – 9000 K natural color temperature adjustment
 Guarantees secure and safe installation

The kit includes:

  • Genesis Gear RGB Pill Lamp
  • Dedicated diffuser
  • USB-C cable
  • Cold shoe adapter
  • User manual
  • Original packaging
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