Genesis GPH-30 KIT - uniwersalny uchwyt do telefonu z głowicą kulową


The Genesis GPH-30 Kit is an universal clamp for mobile phones with mini ball head.

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The Genesis GPH-30 is a Kit made up from three parts that all together make solid, light and practical holder for different mobile phones. The GPH-30 Kit can be folded which allows you to take it anywhere while traveling. It is also irreplaceable accessory for any users taking photos only using mobile phones.

Inside The Kit:

  • Phone Holder – It's a holder with wide spacing that can easily fit 6.5" inch screen mobile phones. Designed from light allumiunium for longer durability. The upper part of the holder is adjusted by a knob and the lower part is regulated by a slider. It contains female thread 1/4". Size of the holder: 56-90mm and width 25mm.
  • Ball-Head BH-1.9 – It's a mini ball head with the diameter of the sphere 19mm. It contains 2 comfortable knobs, one for rotation of the ball on the tripod and the other for controlling the position of the ball. The ball head can be also installed on different mini tripods, which containt male thread 1/4". Without any hesitation you can easily place compact or mirrorless photo camera due to the maximum lfting capacity is 2kg.
  • Mounting bracket MFC-3 is a bracket holder which can be placed on flat and semicircular surfaces because the rotating grippers are designed for the montague on different type of surfaces. The maximum spacing of the mechanism is 32mm. You can also easily mount it to different typed of surfaces. The clamp is equipped with a male thread and it's maximum lifting capacity is up to 2kg.

Consumer Warranty:

  • 6 years